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He has blessed me with seeing how he is already using this experience to bless others - and to broaden my world view again on so many levels - and sneak peeks on ways down the road it will be redeemed - kinda can't imagine life at this point without this experience in all honesty...God Wastes Nothing!         - Dana Caldwell



I stumbled into Promised Land Living (PLL) last January because a friend shared about the opportunity and I have been trying to catch up with the unfolding of God's plans ever since.  I had been asking God about the promised land and what does that look like today or for me? After commiting this past decade to recovering from as assortment of life experiences and some heartbreaks, I felt God calling me into a different place as a woman.  The gifts of inner healing I received from counseling, small groups, the 12 steps recovery process and various emotional healing ministries have given me wholeness and restoration once again, or more likely, for the first time.  God is restoring the years the locusts have eaten and exchanging beauty for ashes.  Also, God is calling me out of wandering in the wilderness and accepting the desert lies so I will live in my heartland flowing with milk and honey.  Learning to wait on God adds depth and richness to life and creates a pause to just "be".  Likewise, the forward-moving fulfillment of dreams and desires satisfies the soul and multiplies gratitude and humility.  Joy replaces the sorrow when the space opens up in one's heart.  I am thankful I have chosen to trust the process of redemptive living because the Lord desires to restore me to wholeness so I might help restore others and, by God's grace, maybe even prevent and side-step some of the unnecessary wounds that bind us in our own lives and others.  PLL is that overcoming leap of faith taken between recovering from our brokenness and learning to really live guided by newfound wholeness through His grace, mercy and ever-lasting love.  It is losing your life so you may find it.  It can be painful and a relief at the same time.  Behold, God is doing a new thing and it is marvelous in my eyes!    

- Kimberly 


Promised Land Living is an amazing course that equip Christians for life. Firmly rooted in the scriptures, Cheryl Scanlon builds an incredibly useful framework for people to communicate, fellowship, challenge, and support each other. The end result is training you to be a coach, but the journey through PLL is so much more. I find myself using her vocabulary in my everyday interactions, from marriage to extended family to professional relationships. For me, the most useful parts of the course were desert lies, discussing our essence defined by God, and our heartland. Over the year that I took PLL, I was going through an intense time of difficult choices and facing some insidious lies that I still believed. Diving deeper, my fellow PLL students were able to use their coaching skills from this class to help me find peace in Christ. Cheryl often adapted her lessons to each group on the fly based on the discussion - a sign that she not only knows her own material, she has internalized it and lives by it herself. What better testimony is that? This class is beyond coaching, it's a deep dive into your heart. I hope you're ready for it!   - Andy Meneely


Having faced much abuse, loss, brokenness, disappointment, and failure I have sought healing the last few years with eagerness.  My desire has been to learn to overcome the past and thrive in all circumstances!  Life coaching and PLL have offered tremendous tools in this process. One of the tools that has been most helpful is the "pause button". I am learning to PAUSE when things bubble up and respond in ways that glorify God. Having accountability and encouragement in these areas has been a huge help to me.

Life coaching has given my hope that transformation can take place from unhealthy habits and negative thinking.

Some of the highlights from PLL have been:

  • observing individuals being coached
  • regular meetings with clear objectives in our pre-work
  • biblical teachings on time and learning to view time from a different perspective
  • tools for understanding my listening style and learning to become a better listener.
  • letting go of the performance roller coaster and realizing God loves just the way I am
  • recognizing the lie that "I have to depend on myself" vs depending on God and others
  • tools to help understand and speak truth in a loving a biblical manner
  • feeling safe to share and "explore" because of the confidential nature and transparency of the leadership and groups

I have found concrete methods which challenge me to be 100 % responsible for myself. By continuing to be a part of the Way of Life Community, I continue to receive the encouragement I need to clarify and fulfill my life goals.

Cheryl and her team are humble, wise, caring, and completely professional.  I highly recommend both individual and group coaching through Way of Life Coaching.  It has far exceeded my expectations and continues to challenge me to grow in my daily walk.

- Becky Jaskey, Business Owner and lay leader



The Promised Land Living program (PLL) and life coaching with Cheryl helped to save my marriage. Dan and I were pressed under the stresses and strains of life. This took a toll on us, individually, and eventually on our marriage. PLL helped me to heal on the inside from past hurts in life. These hurts were preventing me from having healthy relationships with other people, including my husband. Through PLL, I learned how to replace lies I was believing about myself and and others with God's Truth.  

 - Lizzie Munter 



There are several ways I could write about how I have changed since going thru PPL.  I am choosing to describe how God has used the course to draw me nearer to Him.  For years I felt I was small and insignificant, not just in size but in how I felt others saw me.  As I moved through the lessons I learned how Satan plants ideas in us as his way of deceiving God’s children.  In doing this he keeps us from being all that God designed us to be.  Satan's ideas are called lies and they hold us back, they held me back for years.  Through PPL and with my reliance on God I see the accusations (of Satan) for what they are LIES!  Any time I hear one I can quickly name it, remove it and then replace it with Gods truth about who I am in Him.  There is such a freedom in no longer living under the condemnation I had heaped upon myself. I am now able to relate to others openly rather than being fearful of rejection.     He (or she) who is free in the Lord is truly free.   

- BarbJolene Burke


Even though my journey in Promised Land Living was a bit of a stop-start as I was going through a trying emotional time. However, I was encouraged by the deep commitments to living a Biblical life and was blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful women.  My one-on-one in front of the group unearthed a wrong belief and set me free of a resentment that I wasn't aware of. I am so grateful for Cheryl's guidance and gifts.

- Elizabeth Vines


When my older children were little, I had the usual frustrations that a mother of preschoolers has;  a load of responsibility, not enough time to get everything done and constant interruptions.  As I was living those years, I was also believing two lies.  One was , "If I just work a little harder, I can get everything done" and the other was, "I cannot fail".  With these lies subconsciously running in my head and heart, I would become very angry when I would forget a doctor's appointment, had to redo some laundry because I forgot it in the washer, or stop washing dishes for the 50th time to handle a sibling argument.  This anger would manifest itself in different ways from crying, wailing in the car with all four children present, swearing, or breaking a tube from a bolt of fabric because I was beating  out my frustrations on the washing machine. "God, I am only trying to take care of my family,"  I would yell at him, "I'm not doing anything sinful, so why won't this work."

Boy was I wrong.  I was doing something sinful.  Believing a lie instead of believing God's truth.  As I met with God through the Promised Land living process,  I was able to learn to rest in Him.  I looked at some possible reasons these lies started in my head and heart.  I made a decision to replace them with truth.  

"But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."  2 Corinthians 12:9  The practical application of that truth is that "it" will not all get done, no matter how hard I work.  Also, I can fail and that's OK.  I have had my fifth child since I participated in Promised Land Living.  I have missed doctor's appointments, and brought the wrong size sheet for the Pak-n-play during a trip, plus countless other "failures".  The difference is how I react.  Instead of getting angry over the doctor's appointment,  I apologized to the staff.  Instead of getting angry over getting the wrong sheet,  I realized my son can sleep without a sheet and be perfectly fine.  I've even been known to wipe up his spit up with a sock when I forget the burp cloth.  

Letting go of the lies and the resulting anger, helps me display Christ more.  In the humble example of an apology, in the choice not to stress over things that don't really matter, and in the creative solutions that result from my failure.  Am I completely "healed" of the lies?  No.  However I have some tools in my chest that help me identify them more quickly and replace them with God's  truth.  That is priceless.  

 - Shelley Frye


I cannot begin to tell you the freedom I feel right now...  the relief.   the peace.  It's overwhelming, and wonderful!  And as you said, transformational!  The windows are open, and fresh air is drifting into my life.  Praise God! I know there is yet much more distance to travel on this road, and it won't all be easy.  But I'm determined to move into this new place and learn to live there... for His glory, and my good.

 - Anne from Charlotte


Cheryl's unique approach to personal transformation reaches beyond typical goal-setting strategies and inspires more than temporary change. Her masterful work as a change agent springs forth from a solid biblical foundation, allowing those in her PLL groups to blossom in their ability to apply scriptural truth that penetrates the heart, renews the mind, and releases them into their God-given destiny. I can personally recommend PLL without any reservations!

- Dr. Judy Johnson, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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