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Imagine having the freedom to explore what currently seems impossible
in your life today and consider God's truth to reveal hidden possibilities.

We believe that each person has God given gifts and passions to achieve the great works that God has for them and fulfill their life's purpose: thus living a life rich in clarity and conviction.

This course (PLL) uses coaching and group discussion to tap into what appears to be in most people's blind spot to help them live a life rich in clarity, courage and conviction. To see a sample of the workbook click here.

What is PLL?
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Summary - What is PLL?

"Promised Land Living" (PLL) is a 12 module curriculum designed as a transformational process. The Biblical curriculum centered around Exodus 23 incorporates coaching and group discussion to help you move beyond where you are today. This is not a Bible study, not a book club, not a "one and done" teaching or about theory. This is a 12 session transformational curriculum that leads participants through a process of dispelling myths, conquering lies, rediscovering truth, and operating in the vastness of God's courage zone. Plus 2 hours of one on one coaching to fast track your personal development


Purpose and Objectives - What's in it for me?

This course provides concentrated focus on the Biblical truths from the old and new testaments, contrasts these truths with the lies the world would have you believe, and guides the application of practical shifts that lead to a transformed way of life.

We encourage participants to walk in the freedom of living full and abundant lives through:

  • having greater clarity around what you offer in relationships, business and/or ministry
  • more confidently approaching confrontation, confusion, and conflict
  • increasing margin in personal resources such as time and energy
  • walking in peace amid the haste and noise of life
  • having a sense of where you really want to be


Format - How does it work?

"Promised Land Living" (PLL) is a 12 module curriculum designed as a transformational process. Each module is delivered via live webinar by certified presenters. The presenter provides teaching and guides participants through their workbook, offers interactive coaching and dedicated time for sharing insights and protects time during the session for questions. Participants have the ability to hear dialogue among the group (which promotes learning and community) as well as an opportunity to schedule individual (one on one) coaching sessions. Some groups may have small group time depending on enrollment and additional considerations.


Curriculum and Length - How much time does it take?

"Promised Land Living" (PLL) is a 12 module proprietary curriculum with an accompanying e-workbook. Each module is enhanced with an object lesson (video). Once a participant registers and completes the appropriate registration forms, they are provided with links to the course materials which are all located in a password protected area of the website. Most modules require some amount of homework, however most participants report varying amount of investment in homework. Bottom line, participants are in control and there is no "homework check". Participants report they gain value and "get out of it what they put into it".



This course provides participants with more than 36 hours of concrete teaching and coaching. Our price is based on factoring in the ministry component where our certified coaches greatly discount their professional hourly rates. Our course base price is $400 where other courses of comparable length and robust curriculum would start at $2500. Our value-priced plans include discounts which are available to all groups to help ease the financial investment and we are able to set up payment plans as needed upon request.


Testimonials - Why Register?

Don't take our word for it! Check out the testimonial page to learn about the value others have gained. If you still have questions, please contact us at PLL INFO



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