Our family enjoys playing card games.  Recently, a friend taught us a new version of Canasta.  For that evening, we did away with our house rules and played by our guest’s rules.  It took some time to acclimate to the changes in strategy that resulted.  Sometimes I felt like – oh! if I only knew, I wouldn’t have played that card, but this card!

We are all playing by some set of rules and depending on the context, multiple sets of rules.  Like our simple Canasta card game, it can sometimes get confusing to try and figure out who’s rules we are supposed to play by!  But there is a way to sort through all the complexities life, government, culture, business and yes, tax law, create for us.

In our March 2014 Newsletter, we hope to help provide a biblical and very supportive and truth-filled perspective to rules.  We hope you find yourself reconnecting to God’s heart and true intent when our Heavenly Father created his “House Rules” for His children. Find the articles here:

Abiding in Love – Loving His Commandments – March 2014