Many years ago as I was attempting to coach one of my key sales people, I became increasingly frustrated with the frequency with which he used the phrase, “to be honest with you.” Finally, I simply said, “Don’t be any other way with me!”  Then I explained, “Every time you say, ‘to be honest with you’, I question how often you aren’t being honest with me.”

Honesty and trust – such a valued quality in relationships!  I just spoke with a client who is going to reengage in Al Anon and is looking for a sponsor.  Her top three requirements for that person are:  Honesty, Understanding and Truthfulness.  What a brilliant encapsulation of what this newsletter is all about.  Abiding in Christ requires honesty, with both ourselves and with those around us. But, isn’t it challenging to know how honest to actually be?  With whom can you dare be honest and when? We won’t always hit the mark perfectly but we need to keep practicing and seeking forgiveness when we miss it.

In this month’s newsletter, I hope we speak truth in love about honesty and in such a way that you feel loved, encouraged and… challenged.