God promised LAND…and we get to inherit that promise as children of God. Now…here!

When we are living in our true identity, and using the gifts that God has given us…doesn’t it feel RIGHT…GOOD..and COMPLETE?

My journey has included times of trying to figure out my place, my purpose and plans… and Promised Land Living has helped me to walk that out more clearly each day as I continue to focus on My Father and seek Him.  That rest is then given to me as I purpose to rest physically, He gives me the supernatural rest that permeates my spirit, soul, and body.

As I look around me and see others doing their kingdom work, I am excited.  I no longer feel “less than” or wishing I was doing “that” like she is.  I am at rest every day, knowing that our Father has designed me to be doing just what I am doing!  I am able to use my mercy heart and my encourager to pray with, and for, my ‘One Anothers’; I am able to equip those that God brings into my path that are looking for His clarity in their journey; and it is not difficult, nor do I get weary.

This is the key to knowing you are operating just where God wants. Comparison and Competition are both absent.  It is Clarity, Compassion and Courage that are now the main ingredients of my days. I am not striving to figure “it” out.  God has settled it within me.  I am able to know and trust Father that He has created me for His good pleasure, that He is pleased I have accepted the truth about my identity in Him.  He is orchestrating every moment of my calendar and bringing me to appointments and happenstances by His design for the work that He has already prepared for me.  I don’t’ have to wonder if this is my “place” as I know it deep within my “knower” that I am walking with Him, I have allowed Him to renew my mind, and I can confidently walk in His directed path for me in awe, wonder, and pure joy!!

Where in your life is Comparison or Competition present?  What would it look like to spend some time with our Father and ask Him that specific question?  I challenge you to do that and record what He shows you.