A client became aware of something quite empowering around listening. She realized that for almost 60 years she had been listening to what everyone else said to her about her, but she had never listened to herself. Over the years, she took on more and more of people’s thoughts and feelings. Through coaching, she started hearing herself think, hearing what she believed and hearing what was important to her. Most joyously, she started hearing God. In just two sessions, her confidence soared!

Several years ago, another client, a retired surgeon, spent hours and hours listening to the news. He found himself getting more angry and irritable. His family was miserable around him. Through coaching he came to realize that his mood was deeply affected by what he was listening to. During a significant session, he made a commitment to spending more time in the Word and listening to God. He chose a dramatic alternative course of turning off the news completely. The results were nothing short of startling. His wife and children called him “born again again.” He was a believer that had been revitalized in his faith simply by becoming aware of what he was putting into his mind and consciously choosing to listen to the voice of God.

God wants to speak to you. If our minds are cluttered with the world’s chatter, it will be difficult for us to discern His voice. Quieting the noise often requires tremendous exertion to go against the natural habitual tide of reading FB news feeds or flipping on your favorite news channel. Instead, try sitting with the Lord in the Word. The world tells you this is wasted time. God can show you otherwise.