Pilate once asked Jesus “What is truth?”

He asked a good question.  Instead of leaning into the question, he was passive and he deferred.  Pilate had the power to ensure Truth Himself was revealed.  Instead, he yielded to the masses: loud voices, driving and distracting in their chaotic chants.  The world today has changed into similar instant access to loud voices, driving and distracting with chant-like platforms.  We need the power of discernment to distinguish between lie and truth. When Jesus departed, He left the Holy Spirit Who would guide us into all truth.  We must decide what we will do with our power.  Will we listen to the masses?  Will we permit the Spirit to guide us and lean into the question that Pilate walked away from?

We pray that this year’s newsletter was helpful in guiding you into all truth by leaning into Pilate’s question and accessing that power of the Spirit within you.


Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.