Sometimes life feels like it is firing heavy artillery from all directions. We are getting hit from all sides. You might hear yourself saying:

No matter what I chose to do, it will be the wrong thing.

As soon as I start one thing, something else is going to hit me in the face.

This is never going to let up.

Where do I even begin?

Why isn’t someone helping me out here?

How do I dig myself out of this one?

In 1999, I was dealing with the pending loss of my mom at the same time as birthdays were rolling around for my kids. Long distance managing of mom’s situation was taking its toll. Additionally, I was battling health challenges that were still known only to me (Lyme had not been dx, yet). I never knew when the phone rang if it was going to be ‘the’ phone call. There were other mitigating factors as well, but you get the picture.

In addition to all the hits coming from around me, I would add to the battle with my own thought life. But something kept pulling me back to center – to a ‘safe zone’ place that protected me from the lightening speed changes bombarding me and 2-ton mommy demands I felt weighing me down. Prayer. Prayer. Prayer. And lots and lots and lots of it.

Taking cover may include:

Solitude: Find a place to stop, sit and seek. I don’t know M.E. Andross, but a quote I found from him is quite compelling: “The great freight and passenger trains are never too busy to stop for fuel. No matter how congested the yards may be, no matter how crowded the schedules are, no matter how many things demand the attention of the trainmen, those trains always stop for fuel.”

Prayer: Even using stoplights as a chance to spotlight your prayer life. Some attribute John Calvin as having said: The busier I am, the more I pray.

MIT: What are the Three Most Important Things you need to do now? If you really allow yourself to ponder that question, you might be surprised by how, non-task driven the answer! As John Wesley is credited as saying: I have so much to do that I spend several hours in prayer before I am able to do it.

Do you still feeling like you’re going to be behind no matter what and so discouraged?

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