My husband, Tom and I recently went through old letters.  So much has changed.  Here are some highlights from letters dating back to when I was 7 years old – things friends wrote to me:


Before the days of being concerned about blood diseases:   “I’m going to bring a needle to camp – let’s become blood sisters!”

Before the days of caller id:  “Somebody is prank calling me and I can’t figure out who it is!”

Before FB:  “You better write back to me this month so I can know what is going on in your life!”

Before cell phones:  “Daddy and I will be picking you up from camp a little later – 11:00 am, because your sister has a skin doctor appointment at 9:00 am.”

Before sexual promiscuity was the norm:  “I can’t believe I actually kissed him!”

Before you could text one another between classes:  “Able to meet for lunch today?  Should be able to get out of class a little early because Mr. T has some stuff he needs to do and the movie is so boring!”

Before IM

“W/B!”  (write back)

“WBS”  (write back soon)

“FFL” (friends for life)

“SSS”  (sorry so sloppy)

“S.W.A.K.”  (sealed with a kiss)

When there were only 6 channels to watch:  “My channel five won’t work – now what am I going to do?”

When A/C was a luxury:  “My folks are thinking about a window unit for our new home because it’s so hot down here!”


Then and Now

However, some life experiences transcend the years – even forty plus of them:

“I met a really nice boy…”

“It’s hard making new friends.”

“We went to the Lake and took a walk with the water against the moonlit shore (how romantic).”

“Don’t stay out too late.”

“I want to go to graduate school.”

“I didn’t do as well on my audition as I had hoped.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better!”

“How do you like being home?”

“I have so much to tell you about!”

“Do not open until Christmas.”

“Today is the first day of classes for me.”

“I haven’t had enough time to prepare.”

“I keep contemplating breaking up, but I don’t think I could handle it.”

“Got any advice?”

“It doesn’t seem like he appreciates me the same way he used to.”

“I’m bored.”

“How are finals going?”

“We are going to eat in a few minutes – gotta go!”

“How’s babysitting?”

“My room is a disaster – it looks like a tornado hit it.”

“Thanks for writing.  It’s nice to know someone cares.”


“Missing the good times we’ve had along the way.”

Sometimes we hang on to things not realizing the freedom that comes in letting go.   Change is inevitable, and God is the preserver of that which is unchanging and sure.   If we cling to Him instead of to ‘things’, even to our own memories, He will cause it all to work together for His glory and our good.


How about a little pre-spring house cleaning?

What could you let go of that would help create a lighter, fresher start to 2015?