God’s word is described as a two-edged sword able to divide bone and marrow.  Jesus’ mouth in Revelation 1:16 is described as a sharp-two edged sword.  In Ephesians the only weapon of offense the believer has against the spiritual forces of wickedness is the sword of spirit, which is the word of God.

The yellow depicts the God-breathed word, profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness.  The yellow helps us to sift through our narratives, beliefs, mindsets, assumptions and all sorts of sordid and twisting systems of feeling and thought that mire us.

Transformational coaching supports a client by helping them sort through what sometimes feels like a twisted maze or a cruel game in which you know you’ll end up the big loser, at a dead end or even worse, as in the outcome of the Hunger Games.

Conviction helps to pull us out of what can feel like an overpowering eddy that keeps us circling and spiraling simultaneously.   It is a process that we define as client-directed, spirit-guided and coach-supported.  The key is the Spirit.  We listen for the Spirit, the One Whom leads us into all truth.  This is the One Who tabernacles in the client who believes and at least sees dimly the truth about God and the truth about self.

The guided process of discovery permits the client to not only see more clearly and objectively those elements of whatever he/she is working on, but then to begin to assign truth to the situation, people, opportunities, obstacles, frustrations, longings and so much more…

And when that truth comes, the light shines brightly on the path (yellow!), the next step is illuminated and the client suddenly is emboldened to step where he/she perhaps has never gone before.

Courage fuels action…

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