For years I have been using Stormie Omartian’s Power of a Praying Parent calendar to pray for my children.  I don’t remember to turn the page every day – sometimes not even every week – but the calendar sits on my family room table as a reminder to pray for my children.

But that reminder almost becomes a burden to me in my flesh or “that one more thing I need to remember to do.”  The weight of shouldering a spiritual responsibility feels heavy at times.  I didn’t’ realize this burden until January 3, 2016 when I turned the page to the beginning of the calendar and was reminded anew that the purpose of prayer is to unburden!

I laughed at myself.  How quickly my mind can twist around. I had turned upside down the most beautiful expression of parental dependency on her own heavenly Father.

Silly me.

So, once again, God helped right a depleting mindset and one that does not reflect His heart towards me or my children.

My children are now in their twenties.  I have waited for years for that time to come when I would feel like I no longer felt like I had to hold my breath nor worry about their future, decisions, and welfare. But, as they move into their adulthood, I haven’t experienced the relief I was looking for in my life.  The realization that the moment will never arrive was a bit disheartening.  As long as I’m alive, I will have concern for my children.

So, yes, I will continue to pray for my children.  My prayers are changing for them.  And, more importantly I believe my heart is changing.  My dependency is growing in the Lord for my boys as their dependency on me has greatly diminished.   This is new for me.  And, quite surprising.

I’m thankful for Stormie’s gentle reminder to set me straight as I launch into 2016, hopeful, expectant and…unburdened.