We are facing evil beyond what we could have ever imagine.  There is darkness all around us. The Dark Web’s marketplace is filled with information that encourages people to do terrible things.  Deviant behavior is running rampant.  A new TikTok Lick Challenge, for example, is sweeping the world.  People looking for trouble will find it and, in the process, create trouble for you and me.
And then, there is Jesus!  Not the Jesus who sits on the rightful throne at the right hand of God – no!  It’s the Jesus within you!  It’s the Jesus that abides in you and among us.  You and I, my friend, are the dwelling place of the most high God.  Us, together, in Him, with Jesus among us.

In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” –1 John 4:9
In January 2021, at our next Unshakable event, we want to magnify Jesus in us and among us.   Him who is already in you. 
Two years, ago, our first Unshakable event was entitled “Fear Not!”  COVID was sweeping the world, we were all hunkered down in our homes trying to decide if we should Lysol the Amazon boxes that were arriving at our front doors.  We had an unprecedented 400 people registered for that event! 
This year, we had our second Unshakable event, entitled “Brave One.”  Now that we were learning how to redirect our fear, it was time to become more courageous.  Again – the surveys that came back were unprecedented in that 100% of attendees said that they would attend another Unshakable event.  100%!
In January we will host our third Unshakable event entitled “Overcomer.”  Jesus in you makes it possible for you to become an overcomer.  What does that mean?  What are we overcoming?  How do we do that?  And for how long? 
Watch for future emails which will begin to tell a story about who you are as an Overcomer.  We want to remind you of, encourage you in, and embolden you to act on Truth Whom resides in you!
In Jesus, you are more than victors or conquerors – you are an Overcomer!

If you are ready to sign up – register here!