I go through buffet lines a lot differently than I used to.

Earlier in my life, I would see all the options and pile my plate high, wanting a little bit of everything.  Even with just a little bit of each item, soon my plate was overflowing and my belly overstuffed.

When life presents options like that buffet line for me today, I can choose a different view.  Everything still looks so good and I want to try it all!  But soon my calendar can become so full that I don’t have room to move.  It’s no longer so much about capitalizing on the variety, but rather carefully considering the process of selection.  I have learned that the freedom of saying no is part of my opportunity to choose.  When I say yes to something, I savor and enjoy it so much more.

It’s not about saying no.  It’s more about exploring a process of selecting what is truly best for you!