Sitting at my desk, the piles of papers stare at me. iCal reminders pop up. Alarms on my phone go off reminding me to call someone. I have a lot of unfinished business staring at me.  No, screaming at me.

Then, suddenly, I hear almost audibly, “It is finished.”  The authority of the statement startles me.


“It is finished.”


When I miss a deadline. It is finished, still.

When I fail a friend. It is finished, still.

When I ______________. It is finished, still.


How many ways could I fill in that blank? Nevermind.

It is finished, still.


When I go about my days, it’s easy to see the unfinished – To berate myself for the undone.   My definition of finished is a joy stealer, an idol builder and even worse, an evil taskmaster that heavily burdens.

‘It is finished’ is freedom.  Assurance.  Eternal.

That internal wicked taskmaster taunts:  “What have you done for me, lately?”  If I listen to that voice, I’m bound in chains again. But I’m learning how to let ‘It is finished’ grab hold of those chains before they grab hold of me. He who began a good work in me will complete it in the day of Christ.

It is finished.  Even though I may not be finished. Probably the most important decision I will make today is to take Jesus at His Word.

Now, back to work.