By Cheryl Scanlan

AlisonR Bridge


First, let’s define relax simply as ‘a mind and body reboot.’

Sometimes, while working on the computer, the programs start running very slow. My husband’s first diagnostic question is always the same “when is the last time you shut down the computer?” I don’t want to shut down the computer – it takes time! But the reality is, if I don’t shut it down, everything I do on it will take more time.

Apply this to our mind and body. Allowing a mind and body to reboot permits us to restore the body and reset the mind. We train ourselves to stop living on adrenaline. That’s part of what makes initiating this exercise difficult. We become addicted to a hyper-charged approach to life and it just doesn’t seem right if we operate otherwise.

Someone I know used to have the word ‘adrenaline’ as one of his passwords. After he became aware of how much he craved his self-made drug, he wanted to change. The process started by changing his passwords! It continued with building in time where there was no TV, no phone, no computer or newspaper: Just a rocking chair, chirping birds and some fresh air.

What might your relax time look like?



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