Headline news is literally eye popping and mind spinning these days. To name a few, the U.S. will not mention ISIS nor ISLAM with the death of innocent Americans in FL and Benghazi facts are coming out as fast as syrup from a maple tree without consequences thus far. Is it even possible to get to the truth?

We are living in days like Pilate, when there was hopelessness about truth prevailing or perhaps even disinterest in truth and we simply turn up our hands and ask “What is Truth?” Jesus was silent at that question. Pilate was staring at Truth Himself. How do we get to the truth? By understanding:

  • Your worldview – write it down. That lens determines how you think about things and everything you read will be filtered through that way of thinking.
  • The worldview of the person who is writing or speaking – critical point. The New York Times recently posted that there was no new evidence around the Benghazi incident. Did that mean there was no evidence? No – just no new evidence. Depending on your worldview, you will potentially read that headline differently.
  • That truth – absolutely – does exist independent of one’s worldview. There are laws of math and laws of physic that point to these absolute truths that we cannot get away from such as 1 + 1 = 2.
  • That moral code is influenced by one’s world view more than it is influenced by absolute truth. If you are confused as to why people hate, why people can do the things they do, why people judge the way they do, then uncover their world view, which will shed a lot of light on the matter. “Everyone does what is right in their own eyes” happened during the times of the Judges because relativism and pluralism ruled the day as it does in our society today.
  • Truth is not complicated.  I believe that two forces are at work in the spiritual dimension that influence each one of us. One is the power of God our Creator, Who is working to draw men to Himself through Jesus because He loves his created beings and wants to be in relationship with us. The other is a dark evil power, already separated from this love and now working feverishly to pull us away from God’s love. Satan is the ruler of this world and seeks to steal, kill and destroy you. He introduces distortions to God’s character that make it virtually impossible to understand truth, unless we are willing to submit to God’s Word so God can reveal His beautiful and flawless character out of which flows the abundance of all we would ever need. You get to decide which force guides your life. It’s that simple. And as you align with one of the other, truth reveals itself – either in a distorted fashion for the purpose of your destruction or in a clear comforting manner that will bring you tremendous hope and steady your heart.

I encourage you to do one more thing: buy yourself a 40-minute no-homework-study from Precepts and get in the Word. Watch how God will begin to reveal the highest truth – His truth, that is beyond and actually created the absolute truth. As you study, I pray you’ll find yourself abounding in love, immovable from the plumb line of the Word and prepared to give a hope-filled account of the truth to those out there who are seeking.  John 17:17 reminds us to “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.”

Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.