Summer mornings . . . a time of easing into the morning a little slower than during the school year for this mom. While the birds sing and beckon the sunrise, I rarely get up at that time, and arise after the sun.

When I purpose to begin my day with rest – sitting with Father and His Word, then my day goes smoothly…if I put it off, I am “off” most of the day as well.  I am recently reading “ Switch on Your Brain”  by Dr. Caroline Leaf and she has proven that we truly do have “new mercies every morning” as described in Lamentations 3.  These new mercies are baby neurons that we can use our mind to build new godly connections in our brains.  This is amazing!

Living in our promised land means access to the Father.  We get to put into our brains the things He has for us each day.  I choose that and all my choices fall into place for the day.  He speaks to me through Scripture, songs, my One Anothers, and Creation.  I just need to receive it…to stop…rest….and receive what He has for me for the day at hand.  He has been speaking to me about receiving and taking me through His Word on receiving…the last act Jesus did before He went to the Cross was to wash the disciples’ feet…yes, to level the playing field, all are equal in the kingdom, and yes, we are to wash the world off of each other – as our feet touch it, but most clearly, Jesus was preparing them to be able to receive.  He was about to give them the greatest gift of all..Himself on the Cross to make a way for all mankind to receive eternity with Him.

What if we chose new mercies every day?  What would the day look like?  And cumulatively, how would that change the week or month?  How would relationships be different if I were able to listen and receive more regularly and get filled up first thing in my morning?

Spending time with Father God is a gift to receive, are you taking those moments to receive all He has for you?