As we settle into this month of November and see December on the horizon, we are in the season of Thanksgiving. This treasured time of year may look very different this year for many, and for many different reasons. As we fix our eyes on the things that are unshakable, things that are always and forever rock solid in our lives, we can more easily see what we can choose to be grateful for.

Paul is giving a command to the Colossians to be thankful. They are being persecuted, and much is going on in the culture of this early Church Body of Believers. Let’s look at what the Lord was saying, through Paul, to them:

Colossians 3:15 says, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.”

Let the peace in this verse is one Greek word, eirene – which is to have a “state of national tranquility, exempt from rage and the havoc of war”. Interesting that I would not have known that without looking at the original text, following the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Very timely to see this verse in this light and to take in the original interpretation.

Rule in your hearts… we get to choose what (and WHO!) rules our hearts. Christ rules with an everlasting peace. This Greek word for rule is used only one time, right here, in all of the New Testament. It means to be an umpire, to control, to decide, determine and direct.

We are called – beckoned, summoned, invited into this state of tranquility. This Greek word means to be called by name. Do not miss this personal invitation! Take Him up on this and receive the rest He has for you. It is always available and always refreshing. Choose it today.

In one body – we are called to unity in Christ. In this unity we can have this peace, and rise above the fray that is currently going on around us.

And be thankful. This Greek word used here and translated to thankful is also only used one time, here. It is to have gratitude that is aware of your well-favored status.

So why do you suppose Paul commanded gratitude here? The fruit of gratitude is just now being understood to have very good physiological results for us. It’s healthy to be thankful! God designed us to be that way!!

What list of things are you grateful for this season? Now, think of a couple of people you’d like to share this gratitude with!

Pamela Mertz
ACC, Coach Presenter Director