I am gluten and dairy intolerant. The net result of that is most of the time, while I’ve learned how to eat so that I don’t feel hungry, rarely do I actually feel “full.” Over the years, I have had to help my brain to understand that I don’t need to feel full in order to have eaten enough. It’s been some serious retraining of my brain. I long to feel full.
Then, there is Christmas.

Full. Full of hope. Full of peace. Full to overflowing with generosity. So full that I am compelled to allow the grace and mercy of God to pour out of me. Containment is impossible. What a glorious and divine mess awaits those around me as they experience the overflow of my “full.”

How strange that we have trained our minds to tolerate less than fullness of our soul and more than fullness of the body – the defeating combination leaves us in a state of joylessness, wandering in a muck of obligation, fatigued by trying to follow everyone’s rules to get by and consumed by the need to satisfy tastebuds to overcome the lack that nags and claws at our soul; like a body longing to get nutrition when the stomach aches with hunger.

Then, there is God’s voice calling out to us: “Oh son! Oh daughter! Come to me – in my presences there is fullness of joy!”

My hunger pains are taken care of by the bread of life although I may feel physically hungry at times – even as I write this to you. I no longer thirst as I can continually drink from His font of living waters – even as I schedule my next IV appointment.

Christmas is a time to remind me that I don’t ever want to settle for less than “full.” No, that’s not quite right. Christmas reminds me that I don’t need to settle for less than “full.” Christmas asks me to consider, “what do I want?”

I want full! What about you? That’s why Promised Land Living exists: To help you and I walk in the fullness of what Jesus intended to give to us!

A blessed full Christmas to you and yours. May you be filled to overflowing in His presence where there is fullness of joy.

Cheryl Scanlan
Founder – Promised Land Living