What is Promised Land Living?

It is a discipleship intensive course focusing on heart-to heart discipleship delivered in a small group format of 8 or fewer people over a period of 13 sessions. Promised Land Living is known for creating a safe and confidential environment for participants in these sessions.

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Who is Promised Land Living for?

Anyone, man or women 18 years or older, who is ready to take their faith to a whole new level of commitment, passion and freedom.

Who is Promised Land Living for?2019-12-20T19:48:21-05:00

How long is the process?

There are twelve modules plus an orientation meeting at the beginning of the process. Typically, it is delivered in one of three formats: Single semester (fall or winter) Two semester – taking 6 weeks off for the holidays Summer fast track (weekly) Promised Land Living teaches people how to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It is not a “quick fix.” It trains you how to coach yourself for a lifetime.

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What if I need to miss a few meetings?

All meetings are recorded and uploaded to a private classroom for participants for access for up to 6 months after the group ends. However, if you feel you will miss more than two meetings, it is recommended to wait to register for a future group that will work better for your schedule.

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What is the commitment outside of the meeting times?

The homework consists primarily of being conscious of the way we are thinking and communicating. Every session you will leave with the opportunity to practice “shifting” from lies to truth in some form. The homework is primarily self-directed applied learning of principles during your daily discourses.

What is the commitment outside of the meeting times?2019-12-20T19:49:44-05:00

What about mixed groups?

While Promised Land Living is designed for men or women, groups are single gender. We also have a limited number of groups available for married couples. For more information reach out to us here.

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Will I be asked to share private information with the group?

The group will never demand information from you. You will have freedom to share as little or as much as you desire. We have had participants say very little in the group as the environment was very new and there was a lot to take in. Two of those women wound up being on the volunteer leadership team for PLL they received so much from the group. You also have the option of taking the group more than once at → Read more

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Is this a Coaching Group?

Yes. You will be led by a certified Coach who will walk you through a curriculum using a “coach approach.” The participants experience personal storytelling, many “ahas” and tremendous support from the group as the group journeys deep into the heart of the Promised Land rest described in Hebrews 4-6. Additionally, the participant receives two hours of individual coaching. The first session is an uncovering session and focuses on uncovering a key lie that is operating in your life. The → Read more

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