How would you best describe yourself – are you a motorboat or sailboat?

When we are asked to describe the coaching process here at Way of Life Coaching LLC we at times use the picture of a sailboat. Why? Well first let’s look at how a sailboat is described: A sailboat is a boat propelled chiefly by sail.

So what does the sail use for power?  You’ve got it – wind.

Follow us here…

“Like a sailor raising his sails, we must do all we can to catch the wind, but it is the wind that moves the ship. So in our efforts to abide in Christ, it is always God’s Spirit who must blow as a gentle breeze, enabling us to experience the divine life that is ours in Christ.” (CS Lewis Institute)

Can you picture what would happen if you lived your life as a motorboat? What would happen to the gentle breeze? Would you feel it? Would you be guided by it? Or would you plow right through it?

If we imagine ourselves as a sailboat (like the one on our website home page) – what do you think may happen? Where would we go if we were guided by and moved by the wind – by the Spirit?   What if life coaching could create an environment that would permit you time and space to not only be heard but to listen to the Holy Spirit? What would that look like for you? Can you imagine a life on the open water, moving where the Spirit leads? Can you imagine the possibilities?


Do you have any questions about life coaching? We would be honored to answer them. Please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!