By Lizzy Munter

I grew up in “the city” and lived there my whole life. I loved the convenience of being close to everything. After two years in a town home, my husband and I decided we needed more space. As we looked for a new home with more land, our search radius grew larger and larger, until we found the perfect home – out in the country- 17 miles from the center of town. That was nine years ago. I have also wanted to move pretty much ever since.

LM house

After much discussion, we finally decided to list our home and find something closer to the city. For six months, we labored to keep our home “show ready” while cleaning up after the the daily deposits of crumbs, pet fur and toys. After six months, no contract. We took a break and re-listed our home again the following Spring. After three months, still no contract. Just when we were losing steam, we received an offer. We signed a contract and started looking for our next dream home – in the city.  We found the perfect home, packed our belongings and counted down the days until we could begin our new life.

It had been a long road; our perseverance had paid off — but, for some reason, I had a weight on my shoulders so heavy, I couldn’t ignore it. What could possibly be wrong? This was everything we had dreamed of. I had no reason to back out, but it wasn’t just a new home, it was a new life. Lord, if this isn’t the right move, please intervene. Then at the last possible minute, the call came – the husband of our buyers passed away the night before. All contracts were null and void.

There were no words for the emotions I was feeling – all of the dreaming, prepping, purging and packing – not to mention sympathy for the wife left behind. At the same time though, I had a HUGE sense of relief that the Lord was directing our path. He was protecting us.

Although I wasn’t sure why we had been carried along this path for two years, only to remain in the same place, I was comforted by the peace that the Lord had intervened and was protecting us.

It’s been over a year since our contract fell through — and we’re still here, out in the country. However:

  • we made great friends with new neighbors (of the house across the street that sold)
  • our son is in a great school
  • our house is in great shape,maintenance-wise (our buyers had a very meticulous home inspector)
  • and the house is about as cleaned out as it can be (when you have your home on the market, you have to show that you have lots of storage!)

Although the journey has been tough, being in His care has brought more peace and a sense of “home” than where we live.


Lizzy Munter is an Administrative Assistant at Crossroads Fellowship Church in Raleigh, NC. She came on board as an Admin in the Kids Ministry in 2007 and currently supports the Missions Department. Lizzy received her B.S. in Business Management from N.C.State University in 2000, married her college sweetheart, Dan Munter in 2001 and settled in Raleigh. They currently reside in Youngsville, NC with their energetic, funny, full-of-life son, Ethan, who is 7, their Great Dane, Lucy, two cats, and a guinea pig. Lizzy enjoys reading, decorating, watching movies, and skydiving. She can be contacted at [email protected].