Discipleship Coach Training

The Discipleship Coach Training course combines aspects of spiritual direction using a coach approach to create a conversational environment that trains those you disciple to hear God’s voice directly for themselves.

Feedback from Pastor Steven: I’m already implementing what I’ve learned with our leadership and volunteers. I have been praying about how to help my discipleship huddle leaders have deeper conversations while pointing the people towards Jesus. The RRIIA inquiry model was exactly what I needed to help these leaders. God’s timing on all of this was perfect! Thank you for your passion, and your willingness to step out and do something different. I can see how this is going to make a huge difference in the church, and in the world.

Course Title: Discipleship Coach Training
When: Fridays, July 12th – September 6th (8 weeks)
Time: 10:00 am – 11:30 am ET with a Q&A from 11:30 – 12:00 pm ET
Cost: $500 – All proceeds go directly to the ministry of Promised Land Living for the purpose of discipleship
CCEUS: 20 Christian CEUs are approved through Christian Coach’s Network International (CCNI). These will count towards CCNI’s continuing education requirements for credentialing and other organizations affiliated with Christian Coaching and CCNI.

Course Outline:
July 12th: Becoming unoffendable
July 19th: Detaching from observation
July 26th: Simplifying questions
August 2nd: Creating appropriate space for story
August 9th: Inviting bravery
No Meeting August 16th
August 23rd: Setting up brief and powerful discipleship conversations
August 30th: Creating a very personal and powerful group discipleship environment
September 6th: Preparing ourselves for future discipleship opportunities

Total Hours:

  • 12 hours synchronous; 16 hours synchronous if including Q&A
  • 8 hours asynchronous

Homework: There will be homework every week which will consist of practice (peer group), observation and journaling exercises typically requiring 30-60 minutes of time. There will be no reading involved with this course.

Recording: This course will be recorded and used for future training. The course will go deep quickly, and the student should expect to experience a bit of overwhelm when hearing and practicing these concepts for the first time. Listening to the recording will permit a deepening of the learning.

Peer groups: By signing up for this course, you agree to be paired with another student and meet in between class meetings for a minimum of 30 minutes (preferably 1 hour) to ‘process and digest’ the material further. You and your peer group member will each complete a form after each peer group meeting, sharing what was explored and what learning was deepened.

Attendance: Please plan to be there for at least 7 of the 8 class meetings.


  1. Must have some type of listening/discipleship ministry (such as Stephen’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, etc.), counselor, coach or other helps profession training.
  2. Must be considering exploring engaging with the ministry, Promised Land Living as a Volunteer in some capacity, Host for groups and/or Coach Presenter.

Please register early – we will have a maximum of 30 spots available.

Unless you believe you can attend at least 7 of the meetings, please do not register for this event.

Feedback From Previous Courses

This course has increased my confidence in creating group experiences where each person feels seen & heard and also fostering “grace space” for the Holy Spirit to work.
– Tami L.
This training is more than traditional training – it a living, breathing experience of both encountering Jesus through the lives of fellow participants and learning how to pass it along to those we encounter in life.
– Denis K.
Each class was equally excellent, and I filled my notebook with new skills and understanding while my heart was filled with new ways of seeing others. I cannot recommend this course more highly!
– Stephanie G.
This was a high-impact, content-rich, hands-on journey through practical principles that connect spiritual insight with effective coaching skills.
– Luke L.
The DCT course has stretched me in ways I never imagined. It has not only transformed my approach to coaching and discipleship but has also deepened my walk as a follower of Jesus. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
– Kathy M.

By registering you agree to the following:

  1. To be recorded, knowing the training will be used in the future in various formats.
  2. To attend a minimum of 7 of the 8 class meetings.
  3. To meet with a peer group member 7 times for a minimum of 30 minutes each week.
  4. To practice the assignments outside of class for a minimum of 30 minutes each week.
  5. To show up on time and stay through the end of the class (8:00 am ET).
  6. To have video on throughout the training.
  7. That you meet the prerequisites for registering as outlined above.