How curious are you? What level of comfort do you have with gut feelings?

Imagine the adventures that might open up for you by embracing curiosity and intuition in your relationships and your world.

What do curiosity and intuition look like?

Curiosity is an eager desire to learn by calling attention to what might be. Intuition is an immediate knowing without the connection to reason or logic. It is a hunch, a quick insight, a gut feeling.

Curiosity and intuition foster openness, learning and growth in relationships. It believes there is something worth discovering in another person or experience.

What might be the hesitancy?

For some, this comes more naturally than for others. Some of us are born with an innately curious nature and a driving desire to test the hunch we often have, while others are more comfortable with the obvious and observable.

For myself, as a Christian coach, experiencing intuition and curiosity in the coaching process brings freedom for me to be willing to let go of what I think I know in order to join the Holy Spirit and client on a journey of exploration. There is excitement in embracing the idea of not knowing and trusting in the One who does.

How did Jesus use curious questions?

Jesus often asked powerful questions that invited his followers to test their beliefs and search for meaning and truth. He asked, “Who do the people say that the Son of Man is?” This question elicited discussion and exploration of common views and possibilities.

But the next question, “Who do you say I am?” was a marvelous question that allowed his disciples the opportunity to explore what drove them to be his followers, what they truly believed about him and what they were willing to sacrifice.

Can curiosity and intuition be increased through practice with amazing results? Absolutely!

Ask yourself the following…

What makes you curious?

What captures your attention?

How likely is it that you will pursue a hunch?

What holds you back?

Exploring and practicing this approach to life and relationships will open new opportunities to you.

What steps will you take today to develop curiosity and intuition?


Tracy Flori is a professional coach, speaker and trainer. She is the founder of TrueWay LLC, ( a life and leadership coaching organization. Tracy is professionally trained to administer and debrief various behavioral temperament and emotional intelligence assessments. Her passion is equipping leaders, teams and families with understanding and skills to advance their lives. She can be reached by emailing, [email protected].