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Jesus understands our fear. Yet, time and time again, He challenges us to “fear not.”

How can we step into the new year and “fear not?” How do we listen for the voice of the Savior when our minds freeze, our hearts seem to stop and our bodies want to crumple under the weight of it all?

We will explore this seemingly impossible, yet kind and empowering, command of Jesus at our Unshakable event on January 14th.

In this two-hour event, we will experience discipleship by the Savior, as we invite the Holy Spirit to instruct and guide us through the dark stormy waters that threaten us to fear. During the event, we have planned time for break out groups where you will have an opportunity to process through several questions together.

If you would like 2021 to look different for you, this event is for you. If you desire to step boldly into the future allowing Jesus to guide you by your hand, join us for Unshakable. Let’s explore the seemingly impossible together and see what is really possible in Jesus!

Date: January 14th 7:00-9:00pm ET

The event: Unshakable is hosted typically once a year in April, to reach out to the believer community nationwide and equip for the work God has set before each one. The January event is an added event and serves as a kick off to the New Year after a long 2020 for us all. Unlike a webinar where you are only in listening mode, this event is an interactive event with opportunities to take a deeper dive with the content with one another.

Your speaker: Cheryl Scanlan, Founder and Executive Director of Promised Land Living, desires to see all believers living in the true freedom God intended. She is a strong advocate for discipleship and leverages her platform to invest in believers so that they can be activated into their individual work for the kingdom.

Location: The zoom room will be sent to you upon registration.

Register today and be entered in to win one of six giveaway prizes during the Unshakable event! 3 winners will receive $100 off a PLL course. 3 winners will receive journals.

Note: Please register for Unshakable via Safari or Google Chrome.

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