Conflict.  It’s bound to happen.  I distinctly remember one moment I had to get up and excuse myself from the dinner table, all family present, because I didn’t trust how I would respond to a perceived ‘jab.’  Later, after calming down, I approached my Auntie and we talked it out, quietly and away from everyone – sister to sister in Christ.  Our love grew stronger as a result.  It wasn’t easy for either of us.  But, it was worth it.

Successfully navigating strong and emotional differences requires both sides to choose to respect the other person whether or not they agree with each other’s opinion.  Scripture shows us how to do this.  It’s not necessarily hard, but it is definitely humbling.  Your relationships are worth the effort of handling conflict in healthy ways – this might be the best gift you give yourself and your family.

Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.