How are things looking in your part of the world? Are you experiencing pain at the moment? Do you know anyone who is?

When we are in intense, often sudden, pain, it quickly peels away everything but what we really need. Recognizing that Jesus is our need centers on seeing life as He does and partnering with Him to change us to be more like Him.

Ponder this situation:

A woman was so distraught over the accidental death of her 9-year-old granddaughter that she couldn’t sleep and cried constantly for months. The Lord Jesus confirmed to her that the child was safe by giving someone who didn’t know the child a picture of her running and jumping into His arms. From that point on, the grandmother had peace and joy.

This grandmother had renewal because she trusted His goodness without ever understanding why.

No one looks forward to pain, but if it lands in the middle of our lives we might as well allow good to come from it. Not that it is good in itself; Jesus uses it to work “for” our good (Rom 8:28).

It’s when under pressure that we see where mind-sets need to change, where renewal is available, and where He will show up quite unexpectedly.



About The Author

Martha Hedge‘s background includes over 45 years in the ministry with her pastor husband.   She has worked full time in business, taught in public and private schools as a certified teacher, been a stay at home mom and served on church staffs.  Martha is a member of International Coach Federation and Christian Coaches Network. She has been trained by Professional Christian Coaching Institute.  Please email at [email protected]

(Excerpted from our April 2013 Walking In Renewal Newsletter. To receive our newsletter in your inbox register here.)