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Tis the Season of Peace on Earth

This year, peace seems to be a bit more elusive for sure. As we look around us, we can see chaos, unrest, division, and even animosity. All of these things are in opposition to peace. But Jesus came... here... to earth... to bring us peace. He is the Prince of Peace, as described in Isa 9:6. This year peace has a different connotation. Peace from above, is different than the world tries to offer. Peace, as defined in the Bible, → Read more

Tis the Season of Peace on Earth2020-12-14T16:17:40-05:00

Gratitude is a Command

As we settle into this month of November and see December on the horizon, we are in the season of Thanksgiving. This treasured time of year may look very different this year for many, and for many different reasons. As we fix our eyes on the things that are unshakable, things that are always and forever rock solid in our lives, we can more easily see what we can choose to be grateful for. Paul is giving a command to → Read more

Gratitude is a Command2020-11-17T15:24:03-05:00

Gratitude Guards Contentment

Many years ago, I sat in a blue recliner, wracked in pain. My body, overcome by Lyme Disease, caused excruciating pain in my entire body. My clothes felt like sandpaper against my skin. My nail beds felt like someone was pulling my nails away from my fingers. My joints were inflamed, the vascular system in my head was inflamed. My tongue would not work properly. My gums were bleeding and swollen and my teeth felt like they were going to → Read more

Gratitude Guards Contentment2020-11-17T15:07:05-05:00
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