Have you ever asked yourself one or more of the following questions –

  • What exactly is coaching? How does it compare with other listening environments?
  • Where can coaching skills be used?
  • How do I create environments that foster optimum growth for those with whom I interact?
  • How long do I stay engaged with someone who seems perpetually stuck?
  • How do I stay engaged with someone with whom I disagree? What are the cost/benefits of doing so?
  • What is the value of improved listening skills and can I really get better at it?
  • What exactly is transformational coaching and can I use it in the ministry/workplace?
  • Is there a practical way to help people prevent burnout?

ACTsailboatACT! I is a 15-module teleconference course that answers these questions scripturally and practically.

Are you interested in building your life coaching foundation? Registration for this class starting May 28, 2013 is currently open.

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