Do Not Lose Heart

When things are hard, and they begin to affect us deeply, what is going on with our heart? Scripture reminds us quite a few times to “not lose heart” and to be encouraged.   As I have been sharing transparently about the hard journey I have been navigating, I have literally felt heaviness and a weight in my chest and gut.  What is going on with this? How can the circumstances of this world (of which I am no longer a → Read more

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Weakness Is Not The Same As Failure

“Be holy and faithful, Beloved, even unto death.” My Precept bible study teacher used to close out our meetings with that phrase. Over the 12 years I sat under her tutelage, I never got tired of hearing it. It served as a sober but empowering reminder that, each day, I have a mission that superintends my circumstances, my feelings and my appetites. I can recall, more times than I can count, the desire to engage in something that would be → Read more

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How do I know if I am an Overcomer?

Do you love the appearing of Jesus? Such a strange question, isn’t it? However, our answer to that question is an early indicator of whether we will be an Overcomer or not. The Apostle Paul was so focused on the day of Jesus’ appearing that no matter what showed up in front of him, he never wavered from his confession of faith in Jesus. "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. → Read more

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Jesus Makes the Impossible Possible

We are facing evil beyond what we could have ever imagine.  There is darkness all around us. The Dark Web’s marketplace is filled with information that encourages people to do terrible things.  Deviant behavior is running rampant.  A new TikTok Lick Challenge, for example, is sweeping the world.  People looking for trouble will find it and, in the process, create trouble for you and me. And then, there is Jesus!  Not the Jesus who sits on the rightful throne at the right hand of God – → Read more

Jesus Makes the Impossible Possible2021-10-09T17:15:42-04:00
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