Press On, Beloved

A dear friend’s son committed suicide a year ago. Since then, she has, understandably, sunk into a deep depression.Until Saturday. What changed?I called her. I remembered her tears. I met her in her suffering.I reminded her that she is more than her suffering.The next day she woke up early! She had a little more spring in her step and hope in her heart. Just a little, but it was enough to get her through another day.Some days, some weeks… some seasons… are just like that.If you’re → Read more

Press On, Beloved2021-02-26T17:24:22-05:00

To Stand Firm

We are in a season as a Church like never before. We have been shut down, masked up, and now there is a growing level of mocking and persecution that is beginning to pick up volume and traction in the media.  It is something that I wasn’t thinking I would see in my lifetime. For years I have studied the armor of God in many different Bible studies, word studies and through different author’s perspectives.  I have wanted to understand → Read more

To Stand Firm2021-02-26T16:26:52-05:00
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