PLL Newsletter – Courage – October 2017

When the Question Why Isn’t Important Important scientific discoveries and life-saving medical advances are the result of answering "why." It is an important question when driven by curiosity and the desire to know - to understand. But life doesn't always give us the reason why things happen or don't happen. That's when it must take a back seat to something greater. When our daughter Debbie was five, she had a small yellow skateboard, a simple version not to be confused → Read more

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PLL Newsletter – Conviction – October 2017

The Power of Praying in Specifics "God, please help me to find a job." "God, please bring relief and healing." "God, I pray that I would find a husband." If our God is a personal God, then our prayers - our very conversations with God - should be nothing less than specific. But for many of us, we tend to keep our prayers quick and vague. While I'll agree that it's better than nothing, our relationships with God could be → Read more

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PLL Newsletter – Clarity – October 2017

There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Since elementary school, we've all had that drilled into our heads. And it's true, to be honest. But that doesn't mean there are no wrong questions. "Stupid" questions still do their job: they allow information to be revealed. And, since we're already riding the Cliché Express, "knowledge is power." If you ask enough seemingly irrelevant, inane questions, you will probably solve your → Read more

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