Audacity of Prayerlessness

Let's consider life without prayer. What would cause a person to be prayerless? What happens that would move us to quit praying? What are some of the distractions that crowds prayer out of our lives? Let's get a little more personal. What have you quit praying about? Are you used to getting what you want? Or are you weary, tired and ready to give up because you haven't gotten what you wanted? God, the Father says "Come to Me!"  God, → Read more

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What Does Your Voice Champion?

Have you ever heard of a whisper campaign? It's a marketing technique using persuasion through false or distorted information to damage the reputation of one product/person in order to draw the market place towards another product/person. It's called a whisper campaign because the source of the rumor tries to stay incognito.  Remember "Hands up, Don't Shoot?" This is a recent and controversial example (aren't they all controversial and emotionally charged?) of a whisper campaign. After a lengthy investigation, it became → Read more

What Does Your Voice Champion?2020-10-23T10:41:12-04:00
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