I just need someone to listen to me!

When I checked into the CICU one of the questions the admittance staff asked was if I wanted to be visited by a chaplain.  I said “no.” Two days later, I was upgraded to a regular room as my body stabilized after a serious incident.  I experienced a cardiac effusion that led to a cardiac tamponade in which 1.5 liters of fluid was removed from my heart cavity called the pericardium.   Three chambers were collapsing at the time of the → Read more

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Hearing God’s Voice

Summer mornings . . . a time of easing into the morning a little slower than during the school year for this mom. While the birds sing and beckon the sunrise, I rarely get up at that time, and arise after the sun. When I purpose to begin my day with rest – sitting with Father and His Word, then my day goes smoothly...if I put it off, I am “off” most of the day as well.  I am recently → Read more

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Choosing Life and Community

I was sitting in the waiting room at Raleigh Neurology preparing for my monthly IV. One of my friends who I see monthly was in the waiting room as well. We didn't say much. The TV was blaring in the back ground telling the same story over and over again, beating the crisis, chaos and confusion, like a drum against our hearts. But we just looked at each other . . . in each other's eyes. We smiled. We were → Read more

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How do you access what is true?

Headline news is literally eye popping and mind spinning these days. To name a few, the U.S. will not mention ISIS nor ISLAM with the death of innocent Americans in FL and Benghazi facts are coming out as fast as syrup from a maple tree without consequences thus far. Is it even possible to get to the truth? We are living in days like Pilate, when there was hopelessness about truth prevailing or perhaps even disinterest in truth and we → Read more

How do you access what is true?2020-10-23T10:48:54-04:00
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