Truth Will Have The Final Word

Lies and deception are taking us by storm through the media right now.  As I write this, the latest fiasco involved Ben Carson and the rumored suspension of his campaign.  As will eventually happen with all lies and deception, truth will have the final word.  However, what about all of us that are caught in the cross hairs?  How do we possibly move forward when wondering and second-guessing? Even Snopes and Truth or Fiction are now slanted - one towards the "left" and → Read more

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“Just for a Month”

January is over. My guess is many of our resolutions are also over. Deep sixed. Abandoned. Tossed out. Our heads are hanging and we feel like a failure again. So much hope goes flying out the window. Are you willing to consider a different approach? Think of a change you are trying to make.  Instead of making a long-term resolution that is sure to be doomed to failure, think about only the one month in front of you.  Worse case, you → Read more

“Just for a Month”2020-10-23T10:58:10-04:00
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