It is not about saying no…

I go through buffet lines a lot differently than I used to. Earlier in my life, I would see all the options and pile my plate high, wanting a little bit of everything.  Even with just a little bit of each item, soon my plate was overflowing and my belly overstuffed. When life presents options like that buffet line for me today, I can choose a different view.  Everything still looks so good and I want to try it all! → Read more

It is not about saying no…2020-10-23T11:06:16-04:00

The Power of Focus

What is success? Coaching over the past ten years has taught me something. Clients know success when they see it. But oftentimes they cannot define success for themselves. This can lead to frustration, envy and eventually, giving up. A client of mine was doing very well with his business.  Financially solvent, strong contractual relationships, impeccable reputation.  Despite that, he did not feel as if he was successful.  How was that possible? Easy.  He was missing an important ingredient: an understanding → Read more

The Power of Focus2020-10-23T11:06:39-04:00
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