Feeling Landlocked?

My dad leaned over and showed me his inkjet printout of a private water craft (PCW) or jet ski. "This is what I’m thinking about getting next,” he put out there kind of sheepishly. At 80 years old, mobility was limited, as was energy. But the aging exterior belied a young boy who grew up on the water and was feeling terribly claustrophobic.  He lived just a few steps from the water and yet it might as well have been → Read more

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It Is Finished

Sitting at my desk, the piles of papers stare at me. iCal reminders pop up. Alarms on my phone go off reminding me to call someone. I have a lot of unfinished business staring at me.  No, screaming at me. Then, suddenly, I hear almost audibly, “It is finished.”  The authority of the statement startles me.   “It is finished.”   When I miss a deadline. It is finished, still. When I fail a friend. It is finished, still. When → Read more

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Nothing Time

“Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still” (Ps 4:4b NKJV). Great discoveries are made in stillness. Not only do we find God waiting for us there, we can travel far and wide. We can find answers and revisit past connections. We can know. This afternoon I did absolutely nothing. Yet, I did a great deal. As I sat on our back patio, the first ten minutes or so was spent sipping a good cup of tea while → Read more

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My Smile Pact

I made a pact with myself: A smile pact. If someone were to take a picture of me every 5 minutes during the course of one day what would they capture? Ugh. They would see concentration. Stress. Frustration. On my best days! Children smile up to 400 times a day. What happened to my smile? I could say it got lost in deadlines. Or maybe swallowed up by failures. Perhaps it was stolen by sorrows. In reality, nothing happened to → Read more

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