Learning From My Mistakes

I don’t believe in wasting pain. If we’ve gone through a difficult struggle, we’ve already paid the price for the experience. We may as well benefit from it. The only thing worse than a failure is not learning from it. And I continue to learn from the surprising and disappointing outcomes of something I considered successful. I was hired as the secretary to a pastor of an active, growing church. We had just moved to town so we didn’t know → Read more

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Need a Mid-Winter Refueling?

The first quarter can begin to feel like a long haul. We had turned the page to January to face new horizons, perhaps eager to launch into our goals and conquer unexplored territory. And then we hit the February slump. I receive monthly IV magnesium treatments. This past week, while a lovely nurse was hooking up my line, I noticed she seemed tired.  She mentioned she had pushed hard for yet another week, and by the time Saturday came she could → Read more

Need a Mid-Winter Refueling?2020-10-22T09:37:07-04:00

Excel Still More This Year!

My dear neighbor always has a radio turned on when she works. It's a little battery operated thing with a long silver antenna - pre boom box era.  The oldies station plays on while she whistles at her work.    This is a bit like what we want to offer to you - a radio station that helps to keep you whistling while you work... You are shapers of today that will impact tomorrow.  You are contributors.  You are movers. → Read more

Excel Still More This Year!2015-02-02T02:02:02-05:00
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