Where Does True Clarity Begin?

We are born into sin.  That means on our prettiest days, we are still pretty ugly.  Not a very nice thing to say to one another.  But think about this verse:  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Or consider this verse:  That all have turned away and that there is not one who does good. From a cosmic point of view, true Clarity begins with understanding who we are and Who God is.  God is → Read more

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Adjusting Your Sails

We have heard about mission statements and purpose statements and life statements but what about a WHY statement. Do you know why you are doing what you are doing? Have you ever felt like you knew what you needed to do and possibly even how to do those things but if someone asked you why you were doing those things, could you answer them? You may feel like you were sitting in your sailboat - rudder pointed in the right → Read more

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Curiosity and Intuition: Friend or Foe?

How curious are you? What level of comfort do you have with gut feelings? Imagine the adventures that might open up for you by embracing curiosity and intuition in your relationships and your world. What do curiosity and intuition look like? Curiosity is an eager desire to learn by calling attention to what might be. Intuition is an immediate knowing without the connection to reason or logic. It is a hunch, a quick insight, a gut feeling. Curiosity and intuition → Read more

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Life Coaching Tip: Take Cover During Bombardment!

Sometimes life feels like it is firing heavy artillery from all directions. We are getting hit from all sides. You might hear yourself saying: No matter what I chose to do, it will be the wrong thing. As soon as I start one thing, something else is going to hit me in the face. This is never going to let up. Where do I even begin? Why isn't someone helping me out here? How do I dig myself out of → Read more

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