Let’s admit it: CEOS Needs A Safe Space, Too!

The key to any successful coaching relationship is trust, but it is paramount when working with the top gun.  CEOs are used to being in control, not letting someone see them sweat, being prepared with answers to questions they haven’t even asked yet, staying multiple steps ahead of current plans and juggling the demands of employees, shareholders and board members. Bottom line:  CEOs can’t afford to be wrong. Coaching is about staying in the questions, exploring, being honest and open. → Read more

Let’s admit it: CEOS Needs A Safe Space, Too!2020-10-23T10:22:47-04:00

Puppy Love Series: “Ahh….Rest In the Shade!”

"Wow, it’s been an action packed day of running with my friends, chasing balls and I’m tired.  That shade sure looks good for a rest.  Should I leave the action?  What will I miss?” Gracie Jo chooses to obey Hebrews 4:1 “Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands…”  and she rested in the shade. What about our choice to rest? Does your self-talk sound like mine….”if I finish my endless ‘to do’ list then I can sit down → Read more

Puppy Love Series: “Ahh….Rest In the Shade!”2020-10-23T10:22:54-04:00

PLL alumni – are you ready to be refreshed?

Are you looking for a time of encouragement? Would you like a place to continue the work you started in Promised Land Living? We will be restarting our PLL Alumni Refresher calls this month! Each fourth Friday you will  be able to join members of the PLL Team to review and build upon something you discovered in the Promised Land Living process.  On Friday August 23rd we will be digging into the difference between contending with and cooperating with God. → Read more

PLL alumni – are you ready to be refreshed?2020-10-22T09:50:07-04:00

Experiencing Life in Christ

How would you best describe yourself - are you a motorboat or sailboat? When we are asked to describe the coaching process here at Way of Life Coaching LLC we at times use the picture of a sailboat. Why? Well first let's look at how a sailboat is described: A sailboat is a boat propelled chiefly by sail. So what does the sail use for power?  You've got it - wind. Follow us here... "Like a sailor raising his sails, we must do all we → Read more

Experiencing Life in Christ2020-10-23T10:23:02-04:00

My Prayer Closet

Trying to tackle the subject of prayer is like trying to clean out my clothes closet. Yesterday, a fashion consultant came in and pulled everything out of my closet. She found clothes I received from my mom.  She’s been gone since 1999.  We pulled out suits from when I worked in New York, in 1988.  I had a lot of ‘outdated’, ‘no longer fit me’, ‘hanging there purely for sentimental reasons’ or ‘love it, but totally tattered’, jammed in there. → Read more

My Prayer Closet2020-10-23T10:23:08-04:00

Life Coaching Tip: Identify when in “Transition!”

As a child, my younger son, David, was typically so engrossed in whatever he was thinking or saying that he was unaware of his surroundings. Oftentimes we would be in the midst of a change of venue or some other type of transition that required greater thought and concentration. We needed all hands on deck and certainly did not need David's ongoing stories and questions during those moments. He wasn't getting it. By the time he was around 8 years → Read more

Life Coaching Tip: Identify when in “Transition!”2013-08-01T07:00:27-04:00
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