How to Enter, Preserve and Enjoy Resting

For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His. - Hebrews 4:10 Imagine it is Sunday. Is your mind racing? How long does it take for you to come to a place of rest? My son is currently working through these Insanity workouts. It takes him 2 hours to cool down after a strenuous workout - it takes that long for his body to stop sweating. Similarly we go → Read more

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Cleaning Up My Land

Every once in awhile I step back to recalibrate and consider: How well does my calendar and planning reflect my heart and my priorities? Transitions are great times to step back and assess. Overbooked calendars create another opportunity. Perhaps you find yourself double or triple booking. That can be a warning sign that something is askew with planning. Difficulty in making choices or delaying decisions can begin to stack up conflicts and wreak havoc on calendaring, actually impacting many aspects → Read more

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Puppy Love Series: It’s About Love!

“Are you here to play? Welcome to the group, friend. I’m Gracie Jo!” It’s amazing how fast dogs become friends. Size, shape, breed, background seem irrelevant ….at least that’s what I’ve witnessed (usually). It’s a simple welcome sniff and let’s be friends and play! Meara (the tall Great Dane) and Gracie Jo are best friends. It seems the size difference (note Gracie Jo is standing on a chair) doesn’t matter. They love freely knowing they are loved. How do we love our friends? 1 → Read more

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A Gentle Challenge

We are going to make a bit of a stretch here.  You may have heard this analogy before.  With all analogies, there is break down, but for the sake of our later point, this may make sense…. If a man seeks a woman's hand, it means one thing.  If he seeks her face, it means something else.  The first is for her body to meet his needs.  The second is to revel in the glory of the woman. The same → Read more

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Life Coaching Tip: Being Rightly Related Versus Being Right

I'm writing on a topic that I still am a young student with. This is a tough one for me, so bear with me as I write. Danny and Chris Colucci used to disciple my husband and me. Danny staunchly felt that it was more important to be in right relationship than it was to be right. This man is a Bible teacher and knows the word. He is not talking about compromising on Truth. He is encouraging us to → Read more

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