Stepping into The Promised Land

This time of year the Way of Life team is deep in prayer. We are praying for women who are looking for greater clarity in their faith walk and who the Lord may be calling to the Promised Land Living journey. We pray for perseverance. We pray that they will not give up. Because once a sweet woman decides to step into the Promised Land they will most certainly be met with resistance. This resistance by the Enemy may surprise → Read more

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PLL Alumni Come Be Refreshed!

Way of Life Coaching is offering monthly "Refreshers" for Promise Land Living alumni to revisit course concepts and participate in encouraging group discussion. Participants will dial into these free, one hour conference calls led by coaches Cheryl Scanlan, Lizzie Branch or Martha Hedge. We had a wonderful showing at our first meeting in May. We look forward to seeing more of you at our next call. And that call is right around the corner! Check your calendar to see if → Read more

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Life Coaching Tip: Choosing Your Focus

In our May edition of the Walking in Renewal newsletter, Cheryl offered this Life Coaching Tip: Intentionally and willfully changing your focus can lead to tremendous opportunity, renewed hope and new options. Whether there are things in your life that are going well or circumstances that are filled with difficulty (and even chaos) the idea that we can be given even more than we ever hoped for is quite encouraging and also a bit exciting. The key is to choose → Read more

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Life Coaching Tip: Praying Blessings Over Someone

Return a blessing for a curse and watch how the Lord will enlarge your heart. Telling on myself: At one point early in my faith walk, the Lord brought a challenging person into my life. She had a true disdain for me and told me so, yet, because of our circumstances, was going to be a part of my life for a very long time. I tried everything to win her over. In that process, I experienced fatigue, hurt and → Read more

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