Are You Asking God “What’s Next?”

This spring will mark the completed experience of an additional two groups of blessed ladies (Promised Land Living: A Woman's Journey) and men (Promised Land Living: A Man's Journey).  As they take the next few months to ponder and meditate on all of the truths they learned in the 12 modules, they may be asking - 'what's next?' As the last module came to a close for the women's journey, Cheryl offered many 'what's next?' options. One was to get → Read more

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The Road Well Maintained

Sometimes we need to see a lesson rather than hear it. A few months back Cheryl's husband took some pictures at work and shared this with her: "I went for a walk today around work. One road connects two sets of buildings. The road is about a quarter mile long and has been closed for a few years. I was struck by how quickly nature is reclaiming its territory - how quickly things deteriorate when not maintained." The road well → Read more

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Spending Time In Prison

Prisons have a way of humbling us.  We are void of certain rights.  We become a number.  Often we are misunderstood and usually are forgotten. Prisons are good for the believer.  While we came to Christ in a humble state, does not pride begin to creep in and whisper demands into our soul that cause us to grumble, complain, harm each other, seek revenge, forget forgiveness, etc?  Prisons give us time and space to detach from our expectations for how → Read more

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Asking Basic Life Coaching Questions

Have you ever asked yourself one or more of the following questions - What exactly is coaching? How does it compare with other listening environments? Where can coaching skills be used? How do I create environments that foster optimum growth for those with whom I interact? How long do I stay engaged with someone who seems perpetually stuck? How do I stay engaged with someone with whom I disagree? What are the cost/benefits of doing so? What is the value of improved → Read more

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Life Coaching Tip: Build in Shock Absorbers

Build in Shock Absorbers to train for standing firm under acutely difficult circumstances. Physical preparation for possible emergency is good, but not complete. There is another type of preparation that is equally important. Taking a look at the physical first: The first order of business when flying is the emergency exit 'spiel'. The likelihood of needing to know all that information is very slight. In cycling, professional cyclists are encouraged to master the 'panic stop' which trains them how to → Read more

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