Morning’s Mercy

By Cheryl Scanlan What wonderful news to wake up to: “My mercy is new every morning, daughter. The dirt and grime of yesterday’s sin is washed in my blood. Arise! Today is a new day, a new opportunity and a renewed you in Me.” What a sweet sound to the ears of my heart! It reminds me of my Saturday mornings from childhood. I’d hear the clanking of pots and pans in the kitchen, a phone ringing, the quiet murmurs of my mom’s voice. I’d → Read more

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Puppy Love Series: “Your Growls Don’t Bother Me”

Grr….bark, bark, bark, Grrr……. Those loud noises got my attention as Gracie Jo (my 30 pound mixed-breed rescue dog) and I walked toward a large dog (thankfully) behind a fence. While I slowed down, distracted by the growling, Gracie Jo, head held high continued walking never glancing at the dog…simply stating in her own way…”your growls don’t bother me!” Her confident attitude caused me to reflect….How many times do I let another’s growl impact my walk? Do I react to → Read more

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His Life in Me

What Jesus did for us is so enormous, so complex, so beyond our imagination our human minds cannot understand it. God has to give us revelation of what it means. From His perspective it is simple: He has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We are in Him and He is in us. (John 17:21) Practically speaking how does that work? Take forgiveness. Nineteen years ago a drunk driver crashed into the side of the car where → Read more

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Upcoming Practice and Business Building Events

Are you looking for support and help with the advancement of your coaching career? Join CCN (Christian Coaches Network) for these upcoming events: CCN Practice & Business Building Events Upcoming events How to Stay out of the Ethical Conduct (Complaint) Review Process 05 Feb 2013 3:00 PM (EST) • Teleseminar LiveDEVOTION 07 Feb 2013 12:00 PM (EST) • Teleconference Work in Progress 19 Feb 2013 11:00 AM (EST) • Teleconference Write Your Way to Coaching Success Workshop Series 21 Feb 2013 → Read more

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Coaching Tip: Assess and Adjust

COACHING TIP: Create a better relationship with your future by building in the 'assess and adjust' after each big step you take. What if with one sentence I could take tremendous pressure off of you? I really mean this. You are not responsible for your future's outcomes. You are responsible, for the choices you make today. These choices shape your tomorrows but they do not guarantee certain outcomes. Think of it as changing our relationship with the future. We are → Read more

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