Directing Our Path

By Lizzy Munter I grew up in "the city" and lived there my whole life. I loved the convenience of being close to everything. After two years in a town home, my husband and I decided we needed more space. As we looked for a new home with more land, our search radius grew larger and larger, until we found the perfect home - out in the country- 17 miles from the center of town. That was nine years ago. → Read more

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How To Relax

By Cheryl Scanlan   First, let’s define relax simply as ‘a mind and body reboot.’ Sometimes, while working on the computer, the programs start running very slow. My husband’s first diagnostic question is always the same “when is the last time you shut down the computer?” I don’t want to shut down the computer – it takes time! But the reality is, if I don’t shut it down, everything I do on it will take more time. Apply this to our mind and → Read more

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How Not To Have A Quiet Time

By Cheryl Scanlan God did a major work on me 10 years ago through my, then, nine year old son. Having just come home from hockey, he smelled like a locker room, the odor quickly making its way around the house, settling into the corners of the lower level. I encouraged him to hop in the shower immediately. About twenty minutes later I popped my head into the steamy bathroom and asked him to wrap it up. He came into the kitchen while → Read more

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Puppy Love Series: Comfortable In Her Own Fur

“Wow, those are big dogs!” I don’t know if a dog has a thought like that. Wouldn’t you if you were a 30 pound, mixed-breed rescue dog looking out the window knowing you were going to meet two big dogs nose to nose? Perhaps her thought bubble continues…“Will they like me? How can I appear confident and strong? What if they think I don’t belong?” It appears none of these thoughts cross the mind of Gracie Jo Green, my 30 pound, mixed- breed rescue → Read more

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Coaching Tip: Practice Pushing Pause

Think about any given stressful situation that you have been in, whether alone, with a single individual or a group and consider what might have taken place if you had just pushed the pause button for 15 seconds. That 15 seconds permits you to 1. Note your adrenaline so it is no longer driving your actions. 2. Quickly invite God into the situation and 3. Remove the first reaction from taking place which is often a bad one. Telling On → Read more

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