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What Makes Promised Land Living Different?

PLL is a unique, Scripture-based group coaching process. The small groups of 5-8 participants create an optimal environment for you to learn and grow!

Participants are equipped to take the scriptures they already know and apply them in areas they feel stuck. The result is newfound freedom and joy! Gaining clarity helps each person take that first courageous step into this freedom. This is not a “one and done” teaching. It is a transformational process that keeps on giving long after the journey with a small group is complete.

“You can live abundantly in Christ.”
-John 10:10

What is PLL?

PLL is a Christian ministry providing a 12 week group coaching process where participants learn how to get “unstuck.”

How It Works

PLL uses a unique, biblically based coaching process to help participants move into living God’s plan for their lives.

How It Helps

Each participant experiences their own unique journey of shifting from “living small” into the abundant life God intended.

Got Questions?

If you still have questions, click below to review our Frequently Asked Questions, or reach out to us directly!